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A Talk for the American Center for Mongolian Studies

On November 13th at 8 A. M. EST, I will give a live talk about Batu Khan for the Virtual Speaker series of the American Center for Mongolian Studies in Ulan Batur. 


I am going to explore Batu Khan's character, the man who became a kingmaker, rather than Supreme Khan.


What led Batu Khan to create a plan with the Princess Sorghagtani to change the branch of the imperial house of the Mongol Empire? This was a momentous strategy that ultimately saved Europe from a Mongol invasion. Why was he getting fabulously wealthy? Why did he choose not to be Supreme Khan>


Tune in and find out. This is for the launch of my new book, Batu, Khan of the Golden Horde: The Mongol Khans Conquer Russia.  


Maps and illustrations, click on the menu on the Order Batu Khan, There is also a mini-podcast of me reading an introduction not covered in the book.


The video will be available on ACMS YouTube channel. I will post the link after the talk. 


Thanks very much to the ACMS for the invitation. I am hoping to tell a fabulous story, a little entertainment in the time of the healthcare emergency.

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A Top Cybersecurity Professional Discusses China Writing Code

Richard Bejtlich is one of the top cybersecurity professionals in the world. He discusses technical issues in a manner that makes sense to a non-techie. That would be me. It is my guess, dear reader, that this would also be you.

I have interviewed Richard Bejtlich at length on two occasions. I am an avid follower of his blog for the thrillers I write.

On his TaoSecurity blog, he writes on topics of interest to "the hunters", those who defend U. S. government and corporations against foreign hackers and internal intruders.

Bejtlich is former Air Force Intelligence and as a civilian, was formerly the top cybersecurity professional at Mandiant, the company called in to fix the biggest and most damaging breaches. He was the head of the team that positively identified a PLA Army site as the source of major intrusions. His report led to the indictment of five named PLA hackers.

(See my previous blog on the Mandiant Report in the archives.)

Here is the quote at the top of his blog post about a recent article about the Chinese writing their own code. Read the full post at the web address below.

"Periodically I read about efforts by China, or Russia, or North Korea, or other countries to replace American software with indigenous or semi-indigenous alternatives. I then reply via Twitter that I love the idea, with a short reason why.

"This post will list the top five reasons why I want China and other likely targets of American foreign intelligence collection to run their own software."

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