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Announcing a Young Reader Edition of Batu, Khan of the Golden Horde

The story of Batu, Khan of the Golden Horde, will soon be available in paperback, from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Indiebooks. This is the first book of my Silk Road Series: The Way Across the World Opens.


From his youth in the camp of his grandfather, Chinggis Khan, to his brilliant leadership in the conquest of Russia to his role as kingmaker of the Empire, this is the story of Batu Khan, the man who founded the Russian Khanate and used it as a base to invade Europe.


The former U. S. Ambassador to Mongolia Jonathan Addleton gave me the following quote for the Silk Road Series. "Diane Wolff writes well and convincingly, capturing the epic sweep of a fascinating if all too neglected history and presenting it in compelling fashion to a larger audience"


Available September 25th, 2020, this is a student edition. It is also suitable for teachers who are non-specialists, with illustrations available to those who email me: my Power Point presentations, including maps and illustrations of the principal players, and a list of teaching materials, including a YouTube film clip of the Eisenstein film of the hero of Russia, Alexander Nevsky. 



At present, this is a workbook. I am making it available by popular request.


If you want to know why this is important for modern readers, a recent Wall Street Journal article claimed that Vladimir Putin, the ruler of Russia, is looking to Russia's Asian Past. To understand the present mindset of the current leader, one has to know the past.


The former US Ambassador to Mongolia Jonathan Addleton attended the Mongol Cultural Conference at the Embassy of Mongolia in Washington, D. C. and was kind enough to tell me, "I like the way that you have divided the sweep of that history into several volumes rather than simply one or two."




I read from "An Offer He Couldn't Refuse", one of the books in my forthcoming Silk Road Series. at the Twelfth Annual Mongolian Studies Conference on February 10th, 2018 at the Embassy of Mongolia in Washington, D.C.

I introduced the audience to the man who saved Chinese civilization from the worst practices of the so-called barbarians who conquered North China.

This book is a meditation on how the man of letters changed the warfare of the greatest military genius in history. It is my portrait of Yeh-lu, Genghis Khan's Chinese chancellor, the greatest statesman of the Mongol Empire, When his fellow Confucian scholar-bureaucrats went to the South to serve under a Han emperor, Yeh-lu was the man who stayed behind and went into the service of Chinggis Khan, The Conqueror of North China. Yeh-lu became the man who saved Chinese civilization.

This is a big story, on an epic scale, of two men of different temperaments and backgrounds coming to understand one another in a unique situation. The man of letters allowed himself to be recruited into the government of the military man. It shows the moral force of civilization against the rule of The Conqueror and his military government, a government of conquest. This is a story for our time.

This work requires years of research of a difficult nature. I call it digging out truth with a teaspoon. Unfortunately, the government was shut down, so our group did not get to tour the Mongolia Archives at the Library of Congress. A great disappointment.


In honor of my mother, the late Cathie Grossman, I have published a work entitled "Essential Puree: The A to Z Guidebook."

This volume outlines a system for setting up and running a puree kitchen, together with family recipes for classic American comfort food. This is for persons with swallowing disorders.

Here is the website:

Swirl Away!


By invitation of the executive director of the National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders Elizabeth Lipton, I did my first ever live webinar of the Holiday Meal from beautiful Sonoma County. Even though fire fighters were getting the Northern California fires under control, conditions permitted us to video live on tape. I do this work in memory of my mother, the late great Cathie G.

I taught healthcare providers and caregivers and patients with swallowing disorders how to puree the Holiday Meal so that those with dysphagia could join family and friends at this time of the year, rather than being isolated from the social events of life.

I am working with a California team to launch Prosper Foods, a line of organic pureed foods. We hope to launch in 2019. Look for further announcements on the forthcoming Prosper Foods website and social media.