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Crazy Fresh Chinese: A Website for Those Who Want to Learn Hip Chinese

After I published my book on Chinese writing decades ago, I had mothers writing to me asking where their kids could learn Chinese language, mostly Mandarin.

I had Chinese-American kids writing to me thanking me for helping them to learn how to read and write their ancestral language. Only in America.

During the 1990s, I reviewed language learning software in all excitement at the new computer-assisted language learning tools for Chinese that began to make their appearance. I was amazed at the tools and translation technologies and internet distribution of language learning tools available to a new generation of students.

But nothing is as astonishing as Jessica Beinecke's website Crazy Fresh Chinese.

You go there. You get videos. You get slang. You get You Tube. You get interactivity.

If you sign up for the newsletter, you get an email confirming your subscription:

"Thank you for signing up with Crazy Fresh Chinese.

Tell us what you want to learn next!

Tweet @CrazyFreshChina with an English slang term you'd like to learn how to say in Chinese.

See you tomorrow for your next daily 30-second dose of crazy fresh Chinese slang! ?"

How cool is that? Students have no excuses. They don't have to make flashcards with Chinese characters on one side and English on the other, as I did when studying Chinese.

Go to Jessica Beinecke's website and browse the videos with subtitles. She is charming, she is smart, she is fresh and she is on top of the new media.


Then, students, if you want to learn the art of the brush, come right back to my website.

Coming soon, you can get the new e-book edition of my book that explains it all for you, including the basic styles and the tools of calligraphy.

Chinese language is cool, it is completely natural in its word order, to an English-speaking person. It has a few elements that are new to an English speaker, but these are easy to master. It is much easier to master than say, Japanese, which has the most difficult writing system in use in the world.

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