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Fish Shoes A Palace Drama is now up and running on Wattpad

I am pleased to announce that my serialized story Fish Shoes: A Palace Drama is now posted on the Wattpad platform.


The story is told in twenty-five episodes. Go to the Wattpad website or download the app and search for the author by name or the title. You will find the story.


The first chapter will be featured in the Fall Issue of Education about Asia magazine. I am offering the story free for the fall semester, so it can be used in classes for World History for ninth grade and above.


I hope you will read a chapter and hopefully read all 25 episodes. Please leave me a comment as I would love to know what you think.


Thanks to David Kittay for suggesting the platform. This is new media for writers. I had a learning curve with the software, but I got it.


The Princess Supreme is a highly entertaining story. Get on your ponies and ride!

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