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A Talk for the American Center for Mongolian Studies

On November 13th at 8 A. M. EST, I will give a live talk about Batu Khan for the Virtual Speaker series of the American Center for Mongolian Studies in Ulan Batur. 


I am going to explore Batu Khan's character, the man who became a kingmaker, rather than Supreme Khan.


What led Batu Khan to create a plan with the Princess Sorghagtani to change the branch of the imperial house of the Mongol Empire? This was a momentous strategy that ultimately saved Europe from a Mongol invasion. Why was he getting fabulously wealthy? Why did he choose not to be Supreme Khan>


Tune in and find out. This is for the launch of my new book, Batu, Khan of the Golden Horde: The Mongol Khans Conquer Russia.  


Maps and illustrations, click on the menu on the Order Batu Khan, There is also a mini-podcast of me reading an introduction not covered in the book.


The video will be available on ACMS YouTube channel. I will post the link after the talk. 


Thanks very much to the ACMS for the invitation. I am hoping to tell a fabulous story, a little entertainment in the time of the healthcare emergency.

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The Golden Horde Is Great Television


This beautiful series tells the little-known story of the Russian princes attempting to throw off the Mongol yoke in Russia.


Berke Khan ruled the Golden Horde when he received word that Hulegu Khan was riding against him. The story opens as civil war broke out between him and Hulegu, the Il-khan of Persia.


Berke was the first of the Mongol Khans convert to Islam, and declared war on his cousin for riding against the Caliph of Baghdad, executing him and destroying the city of Baghdad, a center or art, commerce and culture. 


The female screenwriter for the sixteen hour-long episodes wrote a very fine palace drama, not intended as straight history. The costumes and sets have won awards, the casting and acting are brilliant. The screenwriter has imagined the love lives and the power plays of the main characters. Great viewing for a binge. Streaming on Amazon Prime.


Before Berke Khan, there was Batu Khan, who founded the Russian Khanate. For this story, how the Mongol Army brought Kievan Russia under its yoke for two centuries, you need my new book Batu, Khan of the Golden Horde: The Mongol Khans Conquer Russia.


The story has been lost to the West for seven centuries. It is available from Amazon and other booksellers, and on this website. My story is the prequel to the events in the series, two generations before, in the generation of the conquest.  


  Read More 

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A BBC Documentary on Genghis Khan

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Here is the trailer for the BBC documentary. It asks the question, "How did a man born in the depths of Asia build an army and an empire that spanned the world? This was the first era of global history and the peace that Genghis Khan ushered in along the Silk Road was a model. He is remembered as a genius in war, but he promoted trade, and the empire was about business. The safety of travel and the code of laws was a hallmark of empire. Even Marco Polo could not have traveled to the court of the Chinese emperor Khubilai Khan had his grandfather not created the peace.

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