Launch of the Essential Puree eBook Library: Summer, 2017

To my knowledge, I am the only author-publisher in America with a library dedicated to healthy nutrition for the elderly.

In continuing the work for the patient community of those with swallowing disorders, I am proud to announce a line of eBooks featuring the seasons.

The latest of these is "The Purees of Summer: Safe Grilling for the Cookout."

We also launched a cookbook for caregivers caught between kids, aging parents and full-time jobs, meaning the reader learns how to puree and thicken a healthy frozen entree in fifteen minutes.

We call it "Betsy's Mom Was Diagnosed and Betsy Has a Full-time Job."

Elderly nutrition is an overlooked subject in the United States. I will be going to Tallahassee to speak to the Florida senate Committee on the Elderly about the issue.

We have been recognized for our work in this field. We are currently on the caregiver website for the Florida Cancer and Research Institutes. I am proud to announce that "Today's Caregiver" magazine gave us a Friendly Caregiver Award.

The life of the scholar can be very isolated. This work gets me out and speaking to people, teaching and demonstrating cooking techniques that are really missing from the scene. This work is dedicated to the memory of my mom, the late great Cathie G.

October 28th, 2016, 1:30 PM

Diane will do a lecture demonstration and a tasting for the Stroke Center at Fawcett Hospital in Port Charlotte, Florida.

Featured at the tasting will be desserts, pureed for those with swallowing difficulties. Texas sheetcake with Oh So Delicious Sour Cream and Chocolate Frosting. Banana Cream Pie. Lemon Icebox Pie.

If you are in town and you wish to come, contact Mireille Magee, Speech-Language Pathologist, Fawcett Memorial Hospital, 941.624.8969

Location: 166 Sixth Avenue, at the New York charity God's Love We Deliver.
Date: June 16th New York City 1 to 3 PM

Diane will launch the revised second edition of "Essential Puree: The A to Z Guidebook." This is part of the ongoing work that Diane does in memory of her mother, the late great Cathie G.

The new edition includes "The Science of Puree", everything the caregiver needs to know, with the editorial consultation of a noted dysphagia care expert, a board member of the National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders.

Before the signing, Diane will give a Dessert Tasting. What the world needs now is great desserts for those with swallowing difficulties and there are precious few of them. The taste: Texas sheetcake with sour cream frosting, lime icebox pie and, from the Cuban kitchen, the maduros shake. After all, Diane grew up on Miami Beach. She speaks broken Spanish. She knows the flavors of Calle Ocho.

This tasting is by invitation for healthcare professionals and caregivers of patients with dysphagia. A book signing will follow the event.

Caregivers may get a free download of the brand new Shake Rattle and Roll series, a Quickies for Caregivers e-book, from the Essential Puree website.

Having been a caregiver, Diane understands the needs of the caregiver. She includes suggested sound tracks recommended for having a dance in the kitchen.



So sorry to say, due to exhaustion, I had to cancel my appearance at Sleuthfest. I really like the women who organize this event and I was sorry I had to cancel. I have posted the excerpt "The Offer He Couldn't Refuse" as an example of the clash of two Asian cultures. Chinese versus Mongol. Civilization versus barbarian. A sympathetic portrait of each.


On February 27th, Diane will appear in a panel at Sleuthfest, the annual event of the Florida branch of the Mystery Writers of America.

The topic will be "The Other" in writing thrillers. Meaning, how to write characters of another ethnic background without using stereotypes.

I will be writing about the conquest of North China by the horsemen, the mounted cavalry of the nomad tribes beyond the Great Wall. This is a confrontation, according to the Chinese histories, of civilization against the barbarians.

I discuss the idea of the barbarian in Chinese terms and the idea of civilization in the terms of the pastoral nomads. Those who live in cities versus those who migrate with the seasons for pasture for their horses. Two Asian cultures, two ideas of society, two sets of values and philosophical belief.


In honor of my mother, the late great Cathie Grossman, I have published a work entitled "Essential Puree: The A to Z Guidebook."

This volume outlines a system for setting up and running a puree kitchen, together with family recipes for classic American comfort food.

I am trying to give those with swallowing difficulties a bit of joy and the feeling that they are not isolated from all of humanity because they are sentenced to eating horrible boring tasteless lousy food. What a pain!

It is also a book about a daughter coping with her mother's diagnosis with dysphagia, or swallowing difficulties. The rebellious artistic daughter and the strong matriarch reconcile.

This book is practical advice. It contains family recipes from a family of great cooks. It is the book I wish I had when my mother was diagnosed.

I wrote this volume in the hope that what was created for my mom will be of benefit to others.

Here is the website:

Swirl Away!


Florida Branch, Mystery Writers of America, Annual Event
February, 2015

I had the honor of appearing on a panel moderated by Vince O'Neil, a terrific writer and great host. The subject was "Spy Fiction: The Cold War, Is It Over?"

The noted thriller writer Jamie Freveletti appeared speaking about the Cold War and espionage fiction now, and I spoke about the Cold War in Asia, the backdrop of my Gordon Farr works of espionage.

The power politics in this part of the world are fascinating, and important, because three powers have nukes and all of them hate each other, except for maybe the Chinese and the Pakistanis, and the Chinese helped the Pakistanis get their nukes. It's a great story! If you want to know why we need spies there, listen to this. Do I have to remind you there are two hot wars in the region and the export of jihad, drugs and weapons is big business, to say nothing of the traffic in looted antiquities. Better than blowing them up.

The MP3 audio file of the panel discussion is available if you email me, because it is too large to upload onto this site. The discussion was quite lively. The room was filled to capacity and the CD of the panel was a big hit.